Ricketts Hovse

In 2005, the Caltech administration pressured Ricketts to make our website private because many of the pictures and quotes on the website were potentially offensive. This is that website.

If you would like to see the rest of the site, we invite you to join Ricketts Hovse.

To find contacts for Hovse Officers/Representatives go to ASCIT’s website and select Ricketts Hovse.

When you walk alone, you're never lost. At least, that's the operating principle behind Napalm, the website project of Ricketts Hovse. Over its first three itterations, Ricketts followed its own idiosyncratic vision, a journey that's taken it from sturdy flash-based indie animation to, on 2017's "Napalm 2.0," a bleary-eyed take on barebones WebDev. Now, with "Napalm 3.0," Ricketts is putting down roots in aesthetic territory all its own. -- Adapted from HOMESHAKE